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Learn to Love the Random Number Generator



Almost every player who has lost an online casino game has, at one time or another, labeled the game as “fixed” – that is to suggest that a game has been rigged so the house always wins. While it is of course true that the house has an edge, many players do not realize that there is a thing called a Random Number Generator in every casino game that involves computers, sometimes referred to as ‘provability’.

The RNG is software required by law and gambling commissions to ensure that the results of the games are genuinely random. What this means is that the action is random, exciting, and – above all else – fair. While unpredictability can be a player’s worst enemy, there are several reasons why you should stop worrying and learn to love the RNG.

The RNG Protects You

The RNG system makes all the legal casinos operate with fairness. If it were a land-based casino, you know that the ball on the roulette will randomly land, you know that the cards were shuffled, and you know that the results are all random. In the online world, the RNG is what prevents game designers and casinos from rigging the game. The RNG makes sure that the result of the spin has nothing to do with earlier, or later, results. Remember, when an RNG is in place, random really does mean random.

The RNG Keeps it a Game of Chance

Without the RNG, the games could be rigged and only cheaters would win. The RNG is the only thing that makes gambling true to its essence – a game of chance. While the cards you are dealt may not be the best ones, this is where you get the opportunity to apply your skill. If you are gambling, you need to accept the fact that it is a combination of fun, skills, and luck. Even highly-evolved games in sports have an element of luck. You will not learn how to gamble appropriately without the RNG because you would be able to count cards or think of better ways to game the system, instead of learning how best to play the game and improving over time.

The RNG Works for You

Some may not like the RNG, especially when they lose, but it acts as a regulator for online casino games, ensuring that the next person has as much chance of winning as the last. Casinos are regularly scrutinized by government officials, ensuring that players always receive fair play, so you can be sure that when playing at properly licensed casinos like BitStarz the RNG is ultimately working to protect you from cheats and making sure you have as much chance of winning as anyone else.

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‘Blockchain’ Was Most Overrated Buzzword of 2018


A survey has determined that advertisers believe the word “blockchain” to have been the most overrated of 2018. This is hardly a surprise as many companies from fields completely unrelated to cryptocurrency claimed to use or test blockchain technology last year with little to show for it.

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Most Overrated Word of 2018
A recently released study for Media Post’s Research Intelligencer, which interviewed 120 marketers and 181 ad agency executives in January 2019, was conducted to find out what words or terms were given too much weight in the advertising industry last year. 26 percent of participants picked “blockchain” as the most overrated word of 2018, giving it the number one spot in the survey.

“Blockchain consumed a disproportionate share of industry conversations in 2018, which may be one of the reasons it was also named the most overrated word of the year by ad execs surveyed by Advertiser Perceptions,”  stated  Media Post’s editor in chief Joe Mandese.
Second place was shared between “AI” and “programmatic,” with 19 percent each. An abbreviation for crypto-assets and related ventures, “crypto,” came in at third place with 12 percent. Further, according to the survey, advertisers, with 31 percent, were more likely to think “blockchain” is overrated than ad agencies at just 22 percent.
Corporate Marketing Hype
The results of the survey seem to confirm that advertisers know that many companies abused the term “blockchain” just to get free media hype. Last month it was reported that management consulting firm McKinsey determined that of over 100 supposed use cases for blockchain presented, the vast majority of pilots and proofs of concept were still stuck in “pioneering mode” or were being shut down.

Research Intelligencer explains that it fielded the survey following the Association of National Advertisers’ release of its annual words of the year, “brand purpose”, and in order to measure how the rest of the ad industry thinks.
Besides the most overrated terms, it also found that the most important word of the year was “transparency” with “influencer” ranked second. Additionally, AI is expected to be the most important term in the ad industry for 2019 according to the executives it surveyed.
What do you think about this survey’s results regarding the term ‘blockchain’? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Tim Draper Believes Cryptos will Push Out Fiat Currencies in the Future


A renowned venture capitalist, Tim Draper, recently predicted that cryptocurrencies would force out the fiat currencies in the future. Even though cryptocurrencies are in hibernation at the moment, the tide will soon turn, according to Draper. He believes that, in about five years’ time, fiat currencies might experience a major shift.

The cryptocurrency market is facing a tough season right now. Bitcoin and Ethereum are facing pressure from the bear trend. Still, analysts and industry insiders are hopeful about a turnaround. Supporters of cryptocurrencies are hopeful that the market will experience an upswing in activity soon. Tim Draper has been known to speak out about his ideas in the past, and this seems to be no different.

The billionaire investor, Tim Draper, also claimed that cryptocurrency would enter the mainstream sooner, rather than later. In a recent interview, he shared an opinion regarding fiat currencies, stating that there might come a time when only criminals will use them. In November 2018, Draper stated:

The criminals will still want to operate with cash because they catch everybody who is trying to use Bitcoin.

Draper thinks blockchain will root out criminals

downturn in the cryptographic money
Source: Crypto-News.net

Draper’s predictions were quite bullish in the past. When it comes to brave ideas, he even beats out the Winklevoss twins and the CEO of Coinbase.

Draper strongly believes that Bitcoin has the power to revolutionize the financial services industry. He also shares similar views about altcoins, as well.

Earlier, Draper came out in saying that fiat currencies would lose their dominance within the next five years. Bitcoin will beat all the current market trends and return to its dominant status in the crypto world.

He further added that the blockchain could easily root out criminal activity due to instant detection. That is why criminal syndicates aim to operate in cash to stay hidden from the authorities.

Just a few years ago, JP Morgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, made headlines when he commented that Bitcoin is a sham. His sweeping comments echoed the sentiments of the financial institutions which saw Bitcoin as a threat to their dominance.

Institutions having a change of heart?

While the crypto winter certainly damaged the market, the overall opinion is that there may still be hope for the crypto sector. Recently, several institutions started expressing interest in the crypto space, with even Dimon, who initially thought that Bitcoin was a fraud, recently changing his stance. He recently commented: “Not many Bitcoin knock offs have worked particularly well, but they all add to the interest in Bitcoin.”

Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are still taking a beating, last week saw the value of Bitcoin almost touch the $4,000 mark. Although the current price is far off the all-time high ($20,000 per coin), the recent positive momentum is taken by many as a sign of bright things to come for the crypto industry.

Meanwhile, Draper remains as bullish as ever, still claiming that the Bitcoin price might end up reaching $250,000 by 2022.

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How to Start Your Own Crypto Exchange


There are plenty of ways to trade cryptocurrencies online. Indeed, you only have to scroll through our selection of recommended crypto exchanges to see that you can deposit, withdraw, buy and sell in a way that suits you. However, if you’re the entrepreneurial type, it’s also possible to set up your own cryptocurrency exchange. Although you might find it difficult to build a platform with the same trading volume or liquidity as site like Coinbase Exchange, there are ways to provide buying and selling options.

Build an Independent Cryptocurrency Exchange

The official way to start a crypto exchange is to register a company in a region where cryptocurrency trading is legal, and build a business. Even before you start hiring developers to build your site, you’ll need to obtain the appropriate legal advice and generate some funds. With initial coin offerings (ICOs) being a common way to raise capital, you could go down this route. However, you’d need a digital token to sell. The other option would be to use angel investors or partner with an existing company that’s looking to enter the crypto space.

Once you’ve got some money, you can build the site and then link it to the crypto world. Doing this will give you the necessary assets and liquidity to offer trading options. However, it’s also important to note that you’ll need some funds set aside to cover any shortfalls. These could be the result of a security breach or a lack of liquidity. Once that’s set, you can embark on a PR campaign, go live for beta testing and ensure you have a support service in place.

Link Up with an Exchange Network

A slightly easier way to launch your own crypto trading platform is to use an out-of-the-box solution such as cXchange. Essentially a white label, these platforms provide a prebuilt architecture as well as matching engine that allows you to support any crypto asset. For example, cXchange provides contracts for difference (CFDs) in a similar way to the eToro Exchange. Put simply, the software taps into an international exchange pool. This offers instant liquidity and stability. From here, you can add your own branding and add/remove features such as trading tools and analytics at your leisure.

Become a Bitcoin Sole Trader

become a bitcoin trader
Sole trading is  a powerful way to become your own cryptocurrency exchange.

Image source: Blue Planet Studio/Shutterstock.com

The final way to start a crypto exchange is to become a sole trader that not only buys crypto but sells it too. If you read our LocalBitcoins review, you’ll see that this is a true peer-to-peer platform that connects people looking to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC). In simple terms, LocalBitcoins is nothing more than a meeting place for traders.

By registering an account, you then have the ability to buy BTC and sell it. Doing that, you’re basically able to act as a one-person exchange. Of course, you have to have the funds to meet any requests. What’s more, you’ll need to specify the payment methods you accept. Finally, you’ll need to review each buy/seller because any problems will be on you.

Points to Consider When Starting Your Own Crypto Exchange

If you are planning to build your own crypto exchange, there are some things you need to consider. Three of the main points to bear in mind are:

Safety: If the assets you’re offering aren’t safe, then your customers’ funds aren’t safe. Make sure that all the money you handle is safe at all times.

Security: Attacks are always possible, which why any site you control needs to feature the latest encryption methods. Any security breaches will not only cost you money, but your reputation.

Liquidity: Traders want the ability to buy and sell a variety of digital tokens in seconds. The longer it takes to execute a trade, the more value someone can lose out on. Therefore, without suitable liquidity, your crypto exchange will struggle to gain any traction.

Featured image source: Yevhen Vitte/Shutterstock.com

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Coinsquare Takes Over StellarX Exchange


The decentralised exchange (DEX) deployed on the Stellar blockchain, StellarX, has been acquired by one of Canada’s leading trading platforms, Coinsquare.

According to a StellarX blog post, the move secures regulatory guidance from Coinsquare who not only list the Bank of Montreal as a business partner but also “have very close relationships with regulators in the U.S.,Europe, and Canada.”

Zero-Fee Peer-to-Peer Trading

Designed by InterStellar and launched in September last year, StellarX provides zero-fee trading on a peer-to-peer basis thanks to Stellar’s unique consensus mechanism that does not require gas fees to operate.

InterStellar themselves were formed through an amalgamation of San Francisco-based Chain Inc and the Lightyear Corporation who are the commercial arm of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF).

With most of the original StellarX team still onboard, the move is not expected to alter the DEX’s published roadmap but rather enhance it with new features such as “…new fiat tethers and securities tokens.”

Coinsquare appear to be supporters of the Stellar blockchain as they recently acquired BlockEQ, producers of mobile and desktop Stellar wallets available through the Google and Apple stores, and it is BlockEQ’s co-founder Megha Bambra who will now be in charge of growing StellarX.

It is envisaged that the new structure will cement StellarX as “a cornerstone utility for the network” that will aid in the development of the Stellar blockchain and ecosystem as whole.

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Indian Government Inaugurates National Crypto Forensic Lab


The government of India has inaugurated a national cyber forensics lab which includes a cryptocurrency forensic lab to perform crypto-related analyses. Alongside this is the inauguration of the Delhi Police’s cybercrime unit which will deal with fraud involving cryptocurrencies. It is the first cybercrime awareness and detection center in the country, according to a commissioner.

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Indian Government’s Crypto Forensic Lab

India’s Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated a national cyber forensic lab and the Delhi Police’s cybercrime unit called the Cyber Protection Awareness and Detection Center (Cypad) on Monday, The Hindu reported.

Indian Government Inaugurates National Cryptocurrency Forensic Lab
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh at the Cypad and national forensics lab inauguration event.

“It is the first cybercrime awareness and detection centre opened in the country,” Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik was quoted as saying. The national cyber forensic lab includes units such as a “memory forensics lab, image enhancement lab, network forensics lab, malware forensics lab, cryptocurrency forensics lab, damaged hard disk and advanced mobile forensics lab,” the publication wrote. Noting that the new lab will help officers detect cyberfraud, he elaborated:

We are now equipped with technology to recover data from damaged hard disks, cryptocurrency analysis, malware forensic and data can be retrieved from 33,000 kinds of mobile models available in the market. Cyberexperts will train our staff.

Cypad Will Deal With Crypto Fraud

Both the Cypad and the national cyber forensic lab are located in the same complex in Dwarka’s Sector 16 C, according to The Hindu. The lab is part of the Union Home Ministry’s Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center.

Indian Government Inaugurates National Cryptocurrency Forensic Lab

The Cypad “aims to provide cyber investigation, cyber forensics, cyber safety and security-related services to the citizens as well as to police units and agencies of Delhi,” the publication detailed. “The centre in Dwarka will provide security services to citizens, cops and other agencies to better equip the country in the fight against cybercrime.”

Minister Singh said that cybercrime is the “biggest threat to digital India,” the news outlet conveyed. He further emphasized that Cypad “will deal with cryptocurrency fraud and international tech-supported frauds,” Devdiscourse publication noted. On Sunday, The Times of India reported that the city crime branch has busted a gang allegedly involved in a crypto scam that duped investors an estimated Rs 100 crore (~$14 million).

What do you think of the Indian government’s crypto forensic lab? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Kevin Helms

A student of Austrian Economics, Kevin found Bitcoin in 2011 and has been an evangelist ever since. His interests lie in Bitcoin security, open-source systems, network effects and the intersection between economics and cryptography.

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What can we Learn |


A security breach is always a gateway to disaster. Unfortunately, Coinmama suffered such a breach on February 15th.

The crypto brokerage is one of the largest in the world and has over 1.3 million active users. According to the official statement, 450 000 email addresses and passwords were exposed in the attack. The attack also involved more than 24 websites and 474 million records.

On a more positive side, no cryptocurrencies were stolen from user wallets. Coinmama’s security team is heavily investigating the security breach. Unfortunately, this is not the only security breach which occurred recently.

The security breach is most likely just a stepping stone

A lot of apps, which are not even tied to financial assets have suffered similar attacks. Cofee Meets Bagel and MyFitnessPal recently suffered almost identical attacks. The leader of the Insights research team Ariel Ainhoren, stated that these attacks are used as stepping stones for attacking larger databases with more valuable information.

Most of the affected websites in the security breach were running Postgre SQL database software. When the system was infiltrated, the database was easily downloaded across a large range of sites.

Ainhored said:

“We’re still in the process of analysis. However, it’s our belief that the attackers used a vulnerability which surfaced relatively recently. At the time, it wasn’t noticed and patched by the companies. Of course there is the possibility we’re dealing with an entirely new vulnerability exploit.

None of the websites had known breaches and it seems the attackers were solely responsible for infiltrating the system. We are almost positive that the attackers did not obtain inside information and used it for the security breach.”

What’s interesting is that no personal information on the dark web has been accessed by the attackers. Coinmama instantly urged its users to change their passwords. If Coinmama’s database was acquired by an ill-intentioned buyer, there could have been disastrous consequences. There could have been many unauthorized withdrawals on the wallets which had not enabled the two-factor authorization.

Coinmama quickly stated that it will work hard on the platform’s security measures to prevent such events from repeating. With the passing of QuadrigaCX’s CEO, the Coinmama security breach is another hit to the reputation of the crypto market.

Recent months have shown that more and more people tend to belive that crypto exchanges have very poor internal management systems and security measures. Of course most people tend to overlook the very strong track record of major crypto exchanges.

Despite Binance, Gemini and Coinbase not suffering breaches, the overall level of trust in crypto exchanges is continuing to decline. The growing number of security issues and the market’s current condition have only fueled investors’ doubts.

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Egy norvég település dobja a koronát és helyette saját kriptopénzt vezet be


Liberstad, a Norvégia déli részén elterülő liberális város kukába dobta a norvég koronát és helyette egy saját kriptót vezetett be, a City Coint.

A kissé fantáziátlanra sikerült érme mostantól az egyetlen hivatalos fizetési forma a városban.

A brit Express.co.uk-nak nyilatkozó városi képviselő szerint:

A City Coin egy biztonságos és innovatív City Chain [blokkláncon] alapuló kriptovaluta, ami egy okosváros platform, ahol újgenerációs szolgáltatások tervezése és alkalmazása válik lehetővé az okosváros és lakossága számára. Mint az első hivatalosan elfogadott kriptovalutája az okosvárosnak, a City Coin lesz Liberstad egyetlen hivatalos fizetőeszköze. A városi szolgáltatások kiegyenlítését, a dolgozók bérét, valamint a polgári civil projektek finanszírozása is az érmében fog történni. A lakosok bármit megvásárolhatnak CITY-ben, beleértve hajvágást, egy tucat tojást vagy akár kézműves kenyeret, és ezzel újabb mérföldkőhöz ér a blokklánc technológia. Több mint 100 földterületet értékesítettünk Liberstadban és még ennél is több lesz elérhető, melyeket majd CITY-ben lehet megvásárolni.”

Ugyan az ötlet önmagában grandiózus, de nem szabad elfelejteni, hogy Liberstad egy miniváros Norvégiában, melynek elvei az anarchizmuson és a békés együttélésen alapulnak. A hivatalos honlap szerint egy magánváros, ahol minden ingatlan magántulajdonban van és minden egyes szolgáltatást magántulajdonban lévő entitások biztosítanak mialatt hisznek benne, hogy minden “emberi interakció önkéntes alapokon kell nyugodjon.” Inkább úgy kell felfognunk a várost, mint a pionír telepesek első települései a 19. századi (vad)nyugaton.

A város képviselője így folytatta az angol magazinban a város bemutatását:

Egy kis létszámú csoport vagyunk melynek feltett szándéka, hogy megváltoztassuk a társadalom működését. Egy olyan társadalmat szeretnénk, ahol az emberek önmagukért felelnek és kormányzati fennhatóság nélkül tudnak együtt élni. Liberstad egy olyan város lesz a világ egyik legszociálisabb országán belül, ahol az anarchia fizikai megtestesülése válik valóssá. Egy olyan várost is akarunk, ahol mindenkinek megadatik a lehetőség, hogy ingatlant vagy földet vegyen olyan áron, ami jóval alacsonyabb mint más föld vagy ingatlanáraknak szerte másutt Norvégiában. A Liberstadban magas jelzálog- vagy lakbérköltségek nélkül, valamint direkt és indirekt adók nélkül lehet élni. Liberstad egy olyan város lesz, ahol az élet könnyebb és nyugodtabb lesz anélkül, hogy ez magas költségekkel járna. Hosszú távon közösen tudunk egy magánvárost felépíteni ahol az emberek nagyobb szabadsággal rendelkeznek és lehetőségük lesz egy olyan életre, amit mindig is élni szerettek volna.”

A képviselő szavainak ötszöri elolvasása után már most szednénk a sátorfánkat és cuccolnák az utópisztikus településre.

Tény és való, a kriptovaluták és a libertariánus eszmék kéz a kézben járnak mivel a kriptográfia és a cypherpunk korai képviselői mindig is hittek az öngondoskodás, illetve a kormányok és vezetők nélküli világ felsőbbrendűségében. A Liberstad és a City Coin csak egy újabb példa erre a jövőbemutató kísérletnek, mely során az emberek megtanulhatnak szabadon egymás mellett élni.

Korábbi cikkünk a témában: https://www.bitcoinbazis.hu/liberstad-projekt-kriptopenz/

Borítókép: Liberstad PR

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Global Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Bybit Releases Ethereum Perpetual Contract


Bitcoin Press Release: Derivatives Exchange Bybit has officially released its second product, an Ethereum perpetual contract.

February 18th 2019, SingaporeSingapore-based global derivatives exchange Bybit has announced the official release of its new 100x leverage Ethereum perpetual contract. Two months after its official launch, the company added a second pair to their already popular BTC/USD perpetual contract, a move that is sure to boost the already-growing user base and trading volume the exchange has seen surging in the last two months.

The new 100x leverage  ETHUSD perpetual contract works in the same way the previous perpetual contract did with a speed matching engine processing 100,000TPS for the contract, a fully accessible ETH wallet for withdrawals and deposits, a dual price mechanism, funding, and professional risk control.Perpetual contracts are a new type of futures contract with no expiry date, and are a part of the derivatives family. Derivatives can profit from both a surge or a drop in price depending on the position opened and can use leverage to multiply the profits earned from a trade.

Bybit Academy

Similarly, in an effort to expand and attract more day traders to its platform, the company has just added Korean as a new language on the platform. It has also intensified its effort in the Bybit Academy, a  separate brand dedicated to providing the best crypto day-trading education for beginners, and has stated it will release articles, videos, comics, and analysis covering everything needed to know to enter the crypto derivatives market with knowledge and confidence.

About Bybit

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange designed for all retail traders, professionals and investment institutions alike. Bybit aims to revolutionize today’s cryptocurrency market by combining the best of cryptocurrencies and traditional finance to bring about the industry’s safest, most reliable, fairest, and most user-friendly trading platform.

Headquartered in Singapore and registered in BVI, their founding team is made of expert blockchain investors and financial executives. Their R&D team includes experts from BAT, while their risk control and operations teams consist of specialists coming from world famous companies like Morgan Stanley.

Find out more about Bybit on the Website
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Media Contact Details
Contact Name: Joseph Imbruglia
Contact Email: [email protected]

Bybit is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

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Argo Blockchain PLC Announces Business Refocus Amid Bear Market Conditions – BTCMANAGER


Argo Blockchain plc,  a UK-based, global data centre management firm that allows people to mine a vast array of digital currencies via its platform, has announced plans to refocus its business strategy, citing “severe price pressure and volatility” of the crypto markets, reported Investigate on February 15, 2019.

Argo no Longer Accepting New Mining Subscriptions

Following the current downturn in the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a depressing situation that has made crypto mining seemingly unprofitable, Argo has announced  it’s restructuring its business enable to cut costs and focus on more profitable ventures.

As part of the new strategy, the Company has made it clear that it would no longer accept new clients and all existing mining-as-a-service (MaaS) contracts will be terminated by April 1, 2019.

Though Argo has said it would soon stop offering crypto mining services to clients, the firm has hinted that it would launch new mining operations in its own account, in a bid to lower mining costs and other expenses by up to 35 percent.

It Pays to Be Prudent

Commenting on the matter, Mike Edwards, co-founder and director of Argo reiterated that the move is aimed at ensuring that the platform remains sustainable during the prolonged “crypto winter” and be ready for the bull market when it finally arrives.

Edwards said:

“We are being proactive and strategic in light of the unfavourable market conditions by taking calculated steps to cut costs and refocus our strategy. While it is disappointing to orchestrate this shift after experiencing better-than-expected growth during our first six months as a consumer business, it’s critical for us to be prudent and act decisively in order to survive the downturn and be in a strong position when the market improves.”

According to the team, the restructuring will significantly slash its overall cash burn and enable it to break even by the second quarter of 2019.

Argo claims to have a net cash balance of GBP 14 million as of February 14, 2019.

It’s worth noting that Argo is not the only crypto-related business that has been forced to formulate new measures of beating the crypto bloodbath.

In December 2018, BTCManager informed that Bitmain had sacked 23 workers and shut down its Israeli developmental centre, in a bid to cut costs.

On February 7, 2019, BTCManager reported that Coinsquare, one of the largest crypto trading platforms in Canada had laid off more than 40 workers in its employ due to the bear market.




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